Day One

12 Aug

So here it is… the first day of my blog. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I’m finally taking the first step. This is good. Firstly, a little housekeeping (as they say):

  1. Why are you writing this blog? In short… because I’m forgetful. I’m a person that loves to create new and interesting things for her home, friends, ect. but I don’t always remember to tell people about my exploits, and I don’t always remember how I did things. Normally people find out I did something new by coming into my house and playing “see what’s changed since we were here last” which, while it’s a fun game, I thought it would be fun to document as well.
  2. What is this blog about? Not sure yet; still a bit TBD. Mostly home decorating, renovating, crafts, food, probably some posts about our silly puppy… anything and everything that tickles my fancy that day.
  3. What can you learn from this blog?  Probably some creative ways of doing things. I like to see everything as having potential (except those weird colored glass figurines of like mushrooms and ducks from the 1950’s… not so sure about those… oh and anything with Clowns.. no potential there unless you’re going for “creepy” decor). You can also probably learn some things NOT to do… I’ll be sure to include those as well so hopefully that’ll spare you some pain in your own projects.
  4. How often are you going to post? Depends. Sometimes I may be especially inspired and write every day. Other times I may have nothing new that I’ve done and nothing to say; so I’ll say nothing.
  5. Why Pink Zebra? To be totally honest… everything else I thought of was already taken! That and for those of you that know me, I used to like/like animal print stuff a lot. And if you saw an actual pink zebra, you’d probably think “wow, that’s different.” That’s probably what people think about me sometimes too! (For the better or worse.)

In any event, this should be fun. This isn’t my first time trying this whole “blogging thing” and my last attempt, while I don’t want to say was a fail, wasn’t really a topic that I had all that much to say about. And I kind of thought of it more as a job/chore than fun. So this will be different because I love sharing ideas about ways to make your home a better place. (Cheesy?)

There’s not a whole lot on here right now, but that’s because I need some stuff to write about later too! Check back often and I promise those links will fill up.

So here we go!  Enjoy!


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