Introducing…The House

14 Aug

Well Hello!

Since this blog is about my home and the fun crafty things I’ve done to it, I feel like it’s only fitting to start from the outside of the house and work our way in. So here goes!

This is what my house looked like when we first got it. (The absolutely terrible landscaping is probably what kept a gem like this on the market for a whole month. The interior was AMAZING, but some people can’t see past the exterior of things to see the hidden potential… that’s enough philosophy for now 🙂 )

Before- Exterior when we bought the house in March 2009

Before- Close up of the random trees out front. Sick.

With the help of a cousin and a friend we were able to create this in just a weekend! 

After-Landscaping in front.

MUCH better if I do say so myself. We used a reddish mulch and planted the following:

  • 1 weeping cherry tree (left front/center)
  • 3 dwarf alberta spruce clustered in the middle)
  • 3 yellow/green bushes .. can’t remember the type (on right)
  • 6 creeping phlox
  • 5 Canna’s (large, tall flowers)
  • variety of lilies for pops of color in the Spring

Then we started on the backyard (which we are still “tweaking” today):

Backyard Before

The back of the house was a collection of weed trees, some random Irises and other weeds. Here’s what it looks like now:

After- Backyard

So in the back we added the following:

  • Some hastas (on the far left from my brother-in-laws garden)
  • About 50 gladiolus bulbs (which none of them have bloomed! They grow tall but never bloom. Frustrating!)
  • Transplanted the Irises that were there and got some from my sister. (The Irises turned white this year! Weird)
  • Added a Crape Myrtle bush
  • Variety of Lilies (they were white, yellow, and a pinky color)
  • I did plant a couple of Cannas, but the puppy dug those up except for one

We also added a little river stone wall that we made from rocks my dad picked up from my family’s property. We desperately need to remulch as since we got so much snow and rain the red mulch all washed away. We also really need to figure out what to do with the peeling paint on the side of the house (please don’t judge us). Pretty sweet.

I also did quite a bit of work on the side of the house, but my “After” pictures would be far less impressive as I managed to kill 5 of the plants I planted there and we haven’t mulched. I’ll add that at some point to the post. 🙂

Happy landscaping!


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