Feminine Headboard

22 Aug

Hi! Usually after a long week (or weekend) the one place in your house that you love to go to relax is the bedroom. Often times I think it’s interesting that this is one of the last rooms decorated by people.  Usually, it’s left to the end when time, patience, and funds are usually running low. I don’t understand it! Treat yourself and make your bedroom your FIRST priority. I promise it will help you be more rested and able to tackle the rest of your house and life.

The focal point of most bedrooms is the bed; of course. So when I was piecing together my master bedroom and our bed was still just placed in front of a wall with nothing behind it, I knew I had to do something. So I got to work. I had seen a headboard from a designer  Rachel Ashwell that I loved, but realistically there was NO way I could afford it… [sigh]

So I decided to take a stab at it myself. Here were my materials/tools and here’s what I made.


  • Piece of plywood height and width desired (I used some leftover wood we had from the storage unit we torn down in our basement)
  • 3 to 4 yards upholstery fabric
  • 3 to 4 yards 2″ foam
  • Spray adhesive
  • 20+ buttons (mine were vintage from my grandmother that I spray painted glossy white)
  • Staple Gun
  • Drill and bits; Skillsaw
  • Upholstery needle and thread
  • Total Spent: Around $55 for the fabric and foam. Everything else was leftover.

Step 1: Use newspaper to create a template for the shape of the top that you’d like. Use a pencil to outline the newspaper and use the Skillsaw to cut the shape of the top. While this shape is amazing, it’s kind of hard to make it perfectly symmetrical, so keep this in mind when you are designing your shape.

Step 2: Measure how many rows of buttons you want, and measure and mark where all buttons will go. Use the drill with a slightly larger than needle size bit and drill all holes. Looking back, I probably should have made the spacing a little closer and the rows not as low since they get blocked by the pillows on the bed. Live and learn.

Step 3: Spray adhesive to front side of wood and lay down foam immediately. Use a kitchen knife and carve off the extra around the outside edges.

Step 4: Lay fabric across the  front and flip over (you may need help to do that). Then work around the edge pulling the fabric tight and staple around the entire edge.

Step 5: Standing the headboard up so it’s easier to work, tie a large knot (or use hot glue like I did) with the thread on the needle, and from the back sew through the wood, foam and fabric to hook the button. Then go back through the same hole in the wood and tie and glue the button tight.

Sorry I don’t have pictures for all this! But here’s the end product (the fabric is bright white but the yellow sheets are reflecting a little weird at the bottom.. FYI):


Maybe not perfect, but it works for us! Isn’t it pretty!?

Sleep tight!


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