Twine Light Fixture

1 Sep

Hello All! I was really tired of this light fixture in my hallway.

So I was reading some of my favorite blogs and I followed a link to another link (you get the idea) and I got some inspiration to make this bad boy.

 I ran up to my local Hobby Lobby (and $1 Store) and grabbed the items I needed. See below.

Materials needed

Any kind of twine works. I actually used some stuff I used in my garden that was a bit thicker and a bit more rough.  Then here comes the messy part.

Step1: Cut the pieces of twine into pieces pretty much as long as you can manage. Cut at least 20 or so for your first “round”. Get a container that you don’t mind throwing away and fill that up with the Mod Podge. For this little fixture I only used about half of the large one and returned the other one. Then I turned on the TV in the kitchen and I got going.
Step 2: Put a couple pieces of the twine in the glue and pull out. Use your fingers to squeez off the extra glue. And wrap around the ball or whatever item you choose. This is the hard part. It will slide and it’s pretty frustrating till you can get a good base. When you come to an end just try to tuck it under another one and use a little dab of extra glue.  

Step 3: Keep going with the twine. You may need to wash your hands off a couple of times b/c the buildup gets pretty bad.

Step 4: Once you get it prettly solid (like above), just let it sit and dry over night. Once it’s dry, poke or cut a hole in the ball. Use the eraser side of a pencil and slowly push in the ball underneath to separate the ball from the twine while the air gets let out.

Step 5: I took the old fixture from above and primed, and painted it with silver spray paint. Then put the bulb in and shove it on in. We were lucky enough to be able to just fit the top part of the light fixture into the hole where I had already cut so we didn’t have to cut another hole.

And then from that you can make this:


Ain’t it perty?


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