Cool Blue Kitchen Re-do

3 Sep

The kitchen really is the center of a home. Because of this was the first room that we tackled when we moved into the house. Since the rest of the house was pretty beige, we could stand it a little longer. This tiny kitchen started with a very harsh color; deep, bloody red. And the cabinets were pretty dark as well. Yikes.


Check out those sweet bronze pulls. Nice! It took us a couple of weeks and many, many coats of paint,  but it’s finally how we like it. We knew the first thing that we had to do was lighten up the space. We grabbed the water based primer and the latex paint and got at it. We did 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint to coat these bad boys. We realize now that oil based paint might have worked a bit better/easier, but we really didn’t know at the time.

While I was working so diligently on the cabinets the Mr. was working on painting over that red wall. NOTE: Red takes FOREVER to cover. It is also especially challenging when it’s over a staircase and your hubby has to strategically dangle himself over the 8′ drop. I wouldn’t recommend this. Luckily he’s tall so it wasn’t too bad .


 This is prior to the new appliances (obviously). We tried to prime and paint the old pulls b/c the holes were a weird distance apart (and we didn’t realize this until everything was painted so filling the holes wouldn’t have worked unless we wanted to paint again… no way.) So I managed to snag 20 new pulls from a garage sale up the block for $1 that were the EXACT size we needed in a silver!

And here it is now…..{sigh}… I love it.

Kitchen Today(Sorry the sun went away right as I was taking this picture.)To the left you'll see my pretty china hutch turned pantry. That will be written about later 🙂 Dining area in Kitchen.

The agave painting was a lust that I had seen at World Market for about $130… but I found this little guy at Home Goods on clearance for $50. Yess….. The table and chairs we bought from my sister-in-law. The chairs were off white, but I found this fabric for $7/yard at my local Hobby Lobby (love!) and went to town with my sister and my staple gun (and some wine). I only needed 2 yards. Probably about 40 minutes and presto here they are!
Re-upholstered dining chairs.
We like wine… a lot. So we started gathering some of our corks and I used a Tiramisu container (got from a garage sale) to make a simple and pretty centerpiece for our table. Casual but cute I think. I also use this bowl to hold ornaments or shells or whatever I feel like decorating with at the time.

Wine cork centerpiece

I got these bad boys from World Market (for about $20 a piece I believe) to soften the kitchen and add some texture.
Jute curtains -World Market

So there it is; our pretty little kitchen. Sure there are some things that I’d like to change in there still; like replacing the overhead lighting with a ceiling fan and installing can lighting, but overall I love the space. So don’t be afraid to use bold and dark colors. They can look amazing with the right kind of light and balance in any space.


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