Hallway Restroom

8 Sep

Well hello there. When we bought this house we loved that the restrooms were nice and that we didn’t have to re-do anything. See? Really not too bad. Not amazing, but definitely not terrible.

Hall bathroom before.

But if you’ve seen my kitchen, then you’d know that beige isn’t really my color. I like more pops of color. I had found this shower curtain at Target and fell in LOVE with it. It’s so feminine and flirty! But since this is the main restroom in our house, I didn’t want it to be too girly so I had to create some balance with feminine vs. masculine. So one Saturday, I got up and got some paint and got going. Now… a lot of people think that dark paint makes a room look smaller. That’s not totally true. With the right lighting, a dark paint will actually highlight all the available spaces in the actual room. (And not to knock any paint vendors, but I used the Behr paint for this and it was kind of like painting with gravy… maybe I got a bad batch) And … drumroll please… here it is!

This tray was originally one of those “sweet” gold ones. A little spray primer and some white paint… and boom! The ring holder is an antique of my grandmother’s that my mom gave me when I got engaged. LOVE it.

I also replaced the regular light fixture for this little gem that I got on Craigslist for $8. Same story as above; spray primer and high gloss white paint, and removed the glass shades. The little glass crystals I got from an estate sale. Not 100% sure if I like them… but they are just chillin for now.

Bathroom Chandy

I love this light. It used to be nasty gold and now it’s just so pur-ty! And I mean… who else has a chandelier in their bathroom? Me… that’s who.

What do you think about the paint?


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