Master Bedroom Retreat

11 Nov

Our little oasis. I love this room. It calms me down at the end of the day and helps me wake up with energy. And the bed is SUPER comfy and cozy. Love, love, love it. This was the first room in our house where I thought, “oh good, I’m done.” The night stands (which you can’t really see all that well.. sorry) I got for $50 each from an antique mall. They were already painted black with glass tops and a rounded edge much like the mirror above the bed. The knobs actually match perfectly to the new ones I bought for my hubbys dresser. The lamps are from Home Goods that I got for a pretty good deal. They have a silver and black damask on the inside of the shade. Super cute. The pillows are from Target. They still have them there too.

With the exception of a change of linens on the occasion and the vintage wood dresser (above) that I keep my clothes in. I know that dresser would look STUNNING in a distressed white or even silver leaf… but it was my Grandparents (and I don’t have anything else that can remind me of them) and I can’t bring myself to do anything to it. Maybe some day. For now it’s just a unique focal point. I like to keep it simple and uncluttered on top our dressers. For my jewelry I have this:

I got this desert stand from an antique mall for around $10. I had seen a magazine a while back that recommended this for storage. Turns out they were right. Bracelets fit perfectly on top and then there’s a level for earrings and then necklaces. (Sorry it’s a little cluttered) The  milk glass lamp I also got from an antique mall when I was in college and paired it with a shade they used to sell at Target. Total they were like $25 a piece (I got 2).

On the other side I have  a faux orchid (from Home Goods) to bring a little color into the room along with a vintage frame I found at a garage sale for $1.

This little gem was my husband’s from when he was a little boy. It was just a medium wood finish with handles. So I filled in the holes, got new hardware and painted it black. When my mother-in-law saw it she said she wanted it back. Silly lady.  You can also see the new crown molding the hubby put up last summer. It really enhances the room. I love it! To the right there is our closet that I covered with curtains b/c I don’t like doors. Weird I know.

The last little piece of our room is this mirror I got off for $10. It was a pretty gross mint green, then I had it painted a warm orange when those were my colors, and now it’s white and belongs in our bedroom.

The funny thing is that the top of this mirror shape-wise matches the mirror above our bed that I got at Home Goods. A very happy coincidence! Here are just a couple more pics of the room. The curtains were only $5.99/panel from Kmart. Gotta love it!

Click here to see step by step directions for the headboard I made.

Sleep tight!


One Response to “Master Bedroom Retreat”

  1. Kathy November 11, 2011 at 5:15 pm #

    Very cute post of your bedroom. I like the way you used mirrors in the pictures! Love you.

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