Hallway Revamp

16 Nov

So for over 2 years I’ve been walking down this to go to my beautiful bedroom:

(I pause for dramatic gasp)


Yikes. Well a while back on a weekend I decided, “that’s it.. it HAS to go.” The hubby and I had been wanting to put up 6 panel white doors for what seemed like forever. So we finally stepped up and did it. While I can’t really say I did much more with the doors than help paint the 2 coats of paint (in the 98 degree heat) on one side of the doors, I did help with the rest of the hallway. (Now I’d be begging for that heat b/c it’s freezing)

So this hallway has to connect these 3 pretty distinct spaces in my house that all have pretty strong colors. Soo…. what color would tie them all together? Got it!  A “Create my own special”. See I have to  do my projects on a budget that almost doesn’t exist, so buying new paint wasn’t going to happen when we have about 15 cans in our house. Anyway, I decided to create my own by mixing some of the left over blue paint and some white paint we had left over because I wanted the same tone and feel, but less intense.

Before I could start painting, I had to remove the antique frames that I had bought from Craigslist (15 for $50 I believe) and hung with the little sticky strips that aren’t supposed to mess up your walls (false) and fix the walls.

I wanted to do something more like this:

Step 1: Try to remove the frames (if possible).

Step 2: Take Lightweight All Purpose Joint Compound and use trowel to fill in the holes. I’m sure there’s a fancy way to tell you to do this, but just to do it like you’re trying to ice a cake really smooth. It’s easier to show than explain so I’d recommend searching online to further instructions.

Step 3: While this is drying, I mixed the paint. I used mostly white with just a drizzle of blue to give it a very light hint of blue. So here’s the problem with this method. If you don’t mix enough to begin with (like I didn’t), then you have to go back and try to match it again…. real tough to do.

Step 4: Paint (Duh)

Step 5: I had my hubby measure left over pieces of MDF into 3″ wide strips that were the entire length of the hallway. Then we hung them about the same level as the top panel of our doors. He then pre-drilled little holes for hooks for the pictures to hang from.

Step 6: I used a glue gun to attach the ribbon to the back of one side of the and then strung the ribbon thru the hook, and then glued again. (Very technical I know.)

And chango presto…. it was done! Again, like so many projects, painting and drying the paint takes the longest.

The twine light fixture has step by step instructions here. It gives a pretty modern hallway a bit of warmth.

I like how it turned out. Much brighter 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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