Cherry Pie Cupcakes

11 Dec

Yes… more cupcakes! I just love trying new recipes, or just making them up along the way. Here’s one I tried over Thanksgiving in lieu of cherry pie:

  1. Prepare batter per instructions on box.
  2. Pour batter into cupcake containers about half way.
  3. Take cherrys and insert into batter. You can either poke them down (like I did) or it may be better if you layered the batter. Make sure some of the dough is touching so they can solidify. If it’s too much cherry filling, the pieces will break apart when they are done cooking. The recipe I found called for black cherries, but I couldn’t find those at the grocery store, so I got the cherry pie filling. I should also note, that I filled these WAY too full. Don’t do that.
  4. Once they have baked and cooled, I took some of the cherry filling and whipped it into the icing to give it a little more cherry flavor. The icing does help hold them together a little bit. The only problem is that it makes it a little runny, so be aware and make sure it stays cool. And then top with a little cherry.



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