DIY Christmas Ornaments

19 Dec

So I got the most recent Lowe’s magazine and I instantly got my inspiration for my “theme” for Christmas. Now, some of you may laugh at me about this, while others are in the same boat; they must have a theme for the holidays. Last year I used some items that reminded me of our honeymoon since it was our 2nd Christmas as a married couple. I just wanted to reminisce.

I used some seashells that we collected on the beach and filled plain glass ornaments with them (they were tiny). I took some bigger shells and coral my MIL had given us and hot glued ribbon on them and made them ornaments also. I also took some of our pics, matted them on scrapbooking paper, punched a hole in them and made more personal ornaments. For garland I used some shell necklaces I had gotten from a cousin years ago. I also included the Amaryllis blooms that we used as centerpieces in the tree as nice pops of white. The rest of my decorating was very simple with just a few vases filled with ornaments and that was about it.

This year is going to be a little different thanks to Lowes. I had found some super bright ornaments at Target last year on clearance and I loved the colors; it just so happened that the Lowes hand-made ornaments were those same colors! Weird!

 I made my way up to Lowes and got the supplies I needed below:

I went to Michael’s crafts and grabbed some paint (they were super cheap at only $.50/bottle). 


Then I put a cork on the bottom of finial to make my little elf and got to painting! I also grabbed some paint brushes at the $1 store and made the little santa men too. Here are some “in progress” pics:

And here is the final products!!

And here is the finished tree (sorry it’s so dark!)


Merry Christmas!!!


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