Old Suitcase Needs New Life

13 Jan

It’s Friday!! YEAH!!!! So I have this sweet suitcase I bought from Goodwill or the likes back when I was in college. Here she is… isn’t she a beaut!?!

Sadly, she hasn’t been used for many years (b/c let’s face it…. when you actually are traveling would you choose a massive, heavy suitcase without wheels or a fabric suitcase with wheels?) but for some reason I just can’t get rid of her. I guess I’m just being nostalgic. So I got to thinking and doing some research on what other things I can do with her. Here are some of the best I found:

1. Dog Bed

I love my dog.. this guy.. .. and I love this idea. How cute would Goose look sitting in one of these bad boys?!

I found this at this great blog called Savvy Housekeeping. She’s got tons of other great ideas too.

2. Chair

I was actually on Facebook when I saw a little photo in the right hand column that lead me to this amazing site. http://www.recreate.za.net/ I have to admit that now I am totally obsessed with her stuff. I love reusing and recreating things. Katie Thompson’s designs have definately inspired me with this!

3. End table

Lastly, I could make it into an end table. I don’t really have a spot for it per say, but I can make room of course!

I’ve seen the end tables where it’s suitcases stacked on one another, but not with the legs like this before. These can be found at T.O.M.T (the picture is linked).

What to do!!!?? Help me out and vote below.


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