DIY Winter Wreath

18 Jan

So last month I got my “every couple month” magazine from Lowes, and I saw this in there and feel….in…love.

Note: I did not make this one above…. I made this one:

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! The best thing is… this is made out of coffee filters, hot glue,  and a left over sewing hoop from another craft here. Here’s how I did it!

  1. Supplies:
  2. Start by folding the coffee filters into quarters. Then start at the outside of the hoop and glue just the very corner of the filter. Then move around a half to a third of an inch down and add another layer on top. Repeat until the entire hoop is filled on the outside edge. The closer you go together, the fuller the wreath will be.
  3. After you have the first layer on, lay the wreath down on it’s back so there’s a flat edge. You now have to repeat the process on the top edge of the hoop. You will then repeat it on the inside of the hoop as well.
  4. Eventually (after what really does feel like a million years), you’ll have this:
  5. After I had got it filled in, I wasn’t in love with it like I had hoped because there was a definite line in the rows which I thought was annoying. So I folded up some more filters and started filling them in spaces that I thought looked empty. I also used my glue gun and randomly glued together filters, fluffing and moving them to fill in the gaps.
  6. Once I got the fluffing like I wanted, I added a green ribbon and a poinsettia that I had bought from the store for 50% off (so like $1). The Lowe’s one had a poinsettia cut from wall paper (I believe), but honestly I just wasn’t real confident in my abilities, so I stuck with the pre-made one.

Here are a couple more pics of the final products which I’m pretty pleased with.

I called it a “Winter Wreath” b/c it feel like it really is good for the entire winter season, not just for the Holidays. Any other good ideas for wreaths?


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