Bachelor Pad-Step 1: The Design

9 Feb

Howdy! Recently my cousin Tim bought a great house not far from where my in-laws live. Given that he’s a single, mid-20’s age male and this is his first official home, he needed some help. (Sorry Tim if you’re reading this; but you’re the one that asked :)) Lucky for him, not only does he have me as his cousin, but our cousin Abbey is a professional interior designer with her masters in architecture who I must say, is pretty good. Since she lives in Sand Diego, I’m here to help execute her plans in town.

First thing Tim and Abbey did was tour the spaces that were needing to be designed… so pretty much the entire house. Then Abbey drew up these floor plans for us to use. Now she drew these for the family room with design software, but you can use free software or websites like one that I mentioned here to design your own spaces.

Option 1

Option 2

A couple weeks ago Tim and I got to do the fun part… start shopping!! It was immensly fun to spend someone elses money for once! I’m sure the Mister appreciated that too. We spent around 4 and a half hours and went to 5 stores, but got a GREAT start and got most of the big pieces picked out. This was fun because #1 I got to spend time with my cousin, and #2 I got to think about a space with someone elses design taste in mind instead of just what I like (which is a little more shabby/eclectic than modern like he likes).

Abbey gave us the color pallet to work with and picked out the light grey paint he used throughout the house:

Here’s the inspiration board that I made for his family room and the master bedroom based on some items we found in the store and some others I found online.

Family Room

Master Bedroom

Next…… installing the furniture and before and after pictures! Stay tuned and I’ll have some additional spaces as well as before and after pictures.


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