Bird is the Word

30 Mar

So while I was browsing around my local Home Decorators store I saw this and decided I loved it.

Bird Jar- Home Decorators

Honestly I’m not totally sure what it is that I love about this (it’s def. not the dead flowers inside…. it was not like that in the store). I know that these little birds have been quite a trend and I kinda like it. So here are a couple of the other fab little bird pieces I’ve seen around town…. I mean… it is Spring and all. 🙂 

Bird Cages- West Elm

Bird Placemats- World MarketBird Placemats- World Market

Terra Cotta Birds- Home Decorators

Lamp Shade- Anthropologie

This little guy is unrelated, but since I took this picture while having a nice little day out with my family and it fit the post oh so well, I thought I’d share. Wasn’t he pretty?


 (Please tell me that someone else is singing the “Bird is the Word” song from Family Guy in their head….)

Are there any other products out there that have birds that are worth mentioning?

Take it easy!


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