Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Trends

23 May

It’s finally officially Spring in the Lou! Yeah! (Although I should note that it has felt like summer for the last couple of weeks given that we’ve been in the 80’s.. but whatev).  I’m so excited to put away the winter jackets, boots, and sweaters and bust out the flowy dresses, pretty skirts, and shorts. I also decided this year as I’m cruising into my LATE 20’s (yes husband…. I finally am willing to admit that I am rolling out of mid and heading into late 20’s… terrible) that I need to have a style that reflects my maturity [bahahah]. Actually I just want to look more put together. Here are a couple looks that I am IN LOVE with for this Spring/Summer and will totally have to try to throw together.

Turquoise and salmon with dark demin. Found on Pinterest.

Flowy salmon colored top with black shorts and gold/rose gold accessories. Love the tan and black combo. Found at Polyvore.com.

(I’m wearing this summer outfit to a couples shower I’m hosting on saturday night! It’s so stinkin cute!)

Form fitting apple green dress with orange accessories. Also from Polyvore.com


Striped shirt with demin shorts and pops of aqua.

Cotton yellow skirt with white tank from www.rebelattitudes.com

NOTE: The notes beneath the pics are where I FOUND the pictures, not necessarily where the prodcuts are from.

Did you guys happen to notice what my trend is? I’m HUGE on coral and salmon right now. It’s just a fun color! I’m also big on flirty, girly looks. I also must encourage you all to hop on over to www.polyvore.com to create your own looks. It’s super easy to use. You just pull your top, bottom, shoes, and accessories over and voila!

What else are some wardrobe “must-haves” for the season? I need help!

Have a wonderful rest of your week!



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