Happy Anniversary to Us!

30 May

Today is a big day in our house…. 3 years ago today I married my best friend.

One of my favorite wedding pics at City Hall. This is “our kiss”; he always kisses my forehead to help me relax and get rid of all my stress.

So we missed anniversary on year one b/c I was on a bachelorette party and we got stuck in Nashville and I didn’t get home until super late. Year 2 was the day after my hubby’s sisters wedding. We did go out for dinner but nothing fancy. So this year…. this year we actually made some time for ourselves and it was the best!!

I hosted a shower with my mom on Saturday night for my cousin (more to come on that!) and then Sunday we woke up and exchanged presents. I got diamond earrings and some pearl earrings!! I love them! He got a couple small presents (in my defense he didn’t tell me we were actually doing presents till a week till). I got him some golf tees ( I told him he was tee-riffic!.. nerdy), some BBQ stuff (a light for the grill he’s been asking for forever and a new scrubby thingy), and 2 books on travel and 2 maps to show our travels (I’ll show you the craft with those coming soon).

Then the man arranged for us to go Zip lining at Eco Zip Line Tours. We did this a little bit in Mexico on our honeymoon, but this was a lot longer and more fun. The staff was great and we had a blast. (Tip: do the 10 line tour!)


After that, we drove a couple more miles and checked into a little B&B in Herman, MO, then walked up to Stone Hill Winery and enjoyed a couple of bottles of vino and enjoyed the weather. It was just such a perfect little day.

Wine and cheese…. perfection.

All smiles 🙂

Then on the way home we took the long way home on the little back roads and enjoyed the scenery.

This was why I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday… I was just busy relaxing and enjoying the end of my weekend. Sorry!

So one final thank you to the love of my life… Happy anniversary bubba!


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