DIY Cake Stands

1 Jun

I’m sure everyone has seen this done 100 times, but I finally did it myself; I made a cake stand. Actually I made two. I was at the $1 store and I saw a candle holder and thought “this is the time.” Okay it wasn’t really that exciting, but when I saw the colorful plates I did think that something needed to be done with them.

Here’s what I needed:

This was a super simple craft; but not too bad to execute.

  1. First I painted the ugly weird colored one (it was like a combo between green and black? really odd.) Anyway, I just painted it with craft paint as it was late instead of using my handy dandy spray paint.
  2. Lightly clean the bottom of the plates and the tops of the candle holders with a moist towel and then dry them off. Apply a light ring of glue around the top of the candle holder and plate the plate on top. I then used books to hold it on there. Let it set for around an hour to make sure it seals correctly.
  3. Donzo!

I know I should technically have “styled” these for this picture…. but honestly that’s not my strongest point. 🙂 You get the jist of how fun and super easy they are!

Have a wonderful weekend and look forward to the next couple posts where I’ll show you some pictures from a fun country chic shower I hosted last weekend, a new recipe, and a pillow that I sewed that’s amazing! (not to pat myself on the back too hard.)




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