Monday Munchies: S’more Cupcakes

11 Jun

Happy Monday!

So last week I posted here about my cousin’s shower and the fabulous desserts that my mother and I made. Can’t take full credit for these as I got the idea, she baked them, and I decorated them. It was a real team effort 🙂

Now, I did this 2 ways; the ones my mom did turned out a little better than me b/c of the topping, but my cakes were a bit better b/c they didn’t collapse in like my mom’s did (it’s because she added marshmallows to the inside when she was baking them and I went for the solid chocolate mix).

Version 1:

First, grind graham crackers and combine with a little melted butter to create the crust of the cupcake. I used a shot glass to really  pack it in there. Then I just a regular Devils’ food cake mix box and baked pre instructions on box. Now, the icing was a HUGE pain in the butt to be honest. First I tried just melting marshmallows with some butter on the stove like how you make rice crispies. Fail. It got EVERYWHERE and was sooo messy and sticky. Then I just got annoyed and clumped 5 or so mini marshmallows on top and “glued” them together with some of the melted ‘shmellows, sprinkled with graham crackers. They tasted good, but we wanted to change it up a little bit.

 Version 2:

Version #2

Version #3

 This version was basically the same as above with the crust and the mix, except after you put the batter in the tins, drop a couple of marshmallows in and cook. While I really liked how they turned out, it did make the cupcakes cave in on themselves though. I had to stuff regular marshmallows in there to fill the hole so I could ice it. The icing in this version was the Marshmallow Fluff and regular icing mixed. Then they were topped with graham crumbles, a little piece of Hershey bar, and the little marshmallows that are from the hot coco. Very pretty if you ask me!

 If I had one of those soufle torches I would have browned the tops just a little bit…. but since I don’t… I didn’t.Enjoy!!


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