Update and Inspiration:Knock Off Decor

27 Jun

Hi everyone!!
Yes I am alive! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks; switched jobs (so during the transition I’m 50% one team 50% another team= twice the work for me… Yikes) and then being in Florida for a week with my girls for volleyball. They ended up getting 52nd out of 131 so really not too shabby!! Since my nightly commitments will drop down to 1 night a week and weekends will be a little more free, I promise I will be a better blogger!!!

Anyway… I wanted to confess something to you all that I’ve been holding out on you all. I found another blog and I havent shared yet. Its been on my list of things to share, but I just havent. I stumbled upon this gem a couple of weeks ago, subscribed to follow, and love the posts every day: called Knock Off Decor by a blogger named Beckie. ( www.knockoffdecor.com)

The site is actually pretty clever: a blogger does a craft based on something they saw, then submits their post to share to the world. Mark my words, I will have something on here one day! That’s my goal. (Just a click of a little button and I too can share my crafts… love it!)

Check it out tho for sure. The posts are even sorted based on where the inspiration came from so its easy to search in the archives or right at the top bar.

Enjoy browsing and getting inspired! Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back to full speed ahead next week. Later!


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