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DIY Baby Gifts

18 Jul

Today’s post I feel is appropriate as I hear the flood of people my hubby and I know that are pregnant or just recently had a baby. We’re in our late 20’s, so I guess that’s the time of life when that starts happening for many. There are so many great baby gifts out there for people to buy… trust me every time I walk in a store with baby stuff I want to buy it all because it’s so cute, but I’m a traditional person and I feel like homemade gifts mean something a little extra when you have the time. So when one of my good friends from high school announced that she was pregnant (we knew she’d be first), I had to start thinking about gifts.

So thinking about gifts I naturally starting looking around the web to see what I could do with my somewhat limited sewing ability. You’d be AMAZED at what cool stuff is out there!

I stumbled upon this great posting from Krissy at who listed 30 great DIY baby gifts. Here are a couple of ones that I really liked. I will make these for someone! So cute.

Happy Stacker Baby Rings by

Baby Leggins also by

I also hit Esty and saw some other super cute ideas that you could probably mimic. What did I end up giving her? Why these little guys of course!

and these guys….

Baby “formal” wear

I just had to give her something funny and silly. Here’s a brief tutorial because depending on what kind of transfer paper you buy, the instructions might be different, so be sure to read the instructions.

Supplies needed:

  • iron on transfer paper (for light fabric- $8.99 for 6 sheets) and color printer
  • baby onsies (I bought 3 different sizes; the ones with long sleeve coincide with what size he’ll be with the cold weather… see I’m a thinker.)
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Time and patience

Pre-step: print all of your little pictures. I just pulled mine from some free clip art websites randomly. REMEMBER, you need to print them BACKWARDS so when you iron them on they’ll be facing the right way. I learned this the hard way when I had some super cute sayings printed out and forgot to flip the text. Duh. By the way… how do you do that in MS Word? For some reason I had a total brain fart and couldn’t remember. Cut around your images as close as possible.

Step 1: Be sure to follow package instructions, but usually it’s a higher setting, no steam. Usually you only press for around 20 seconds at a time. Be sure to pay close attention to the edges or any pointy edges. It’s recommended that your shapes be mostly circular without hard points (so yes, stars were a bad choice).

Step 2: After the fabric has been allowed to cool, begin peeling the paper backing from the transfer.

Step 3: Donzo!

Here is a funny feature of one of them that I thought was too funny:

I mean….. that’s just cute. I actually made the transfer for the back on MS PowerPoint with just regular shapes.

I did have some mustaches printed but my stupid printer ran out of black ink… the ONLY color I didn’t buy for this project… grrrrr. For the “formal wear”, I actually just used some of the transfer paper and ironed it on the plaid fabric I had for the shower. They are country folk and we’ve given my friend trouble about how her hubby is a cowboy for years. It’s just funny. After the fabric had cooled, I just free hand cut the bow ties, ties, suspenders, and vest. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

More than anything, it was great seeing her face when she opened them.

There are literally thousands of ideas out there, and I have one other part of the gift that I’m SUPER excited to share with you guys. We’re just finishing up the pictures and I’ll be able to post about it, so stay tuned! Any other great DIY ideas you can share with me?



PS: Sorry this is such a long post!