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DIY Mason Jar Pin Cushion

9 Mar

It’s been almost an entire week since I posted last…. I’m sorry. Just been crazy. I actually did have a few minutes to do some crafts on Sunday and here is one of them! Oddly enough I was looking on Pinterest today and I saw my craft! Argh! You mean I’m not as individual as I thought I was? Oh well… here it is anyway: a DIY Mason Jar Pin Cushion!

This craft will take you about 5 minutes so it’s a great one to do when you just want to feel productive. Here’s what you need:

  • batting, hot glue gun, fabric, mason jar
  1. Cut a piece of batting the circumference of the lid.
  2. Cut a piece of fabric out around 1″ wider than the lid
  3. Then make a sandwich: lid, batting, fabric sandwich. (I’m a nerd I know)

Then push your little lid, batting, sandwich through the hoop on the top.  Then take the hot glue gun and glue the extra fabric on the back. NOTE: You will need to trim the batting and the fabric so it closes. You may want to test it to make sure you can close it. I know this b/c mine doesn’t close very well… so learn from my mistakes :).  Sorry it’s so blurry. Not sure what happened.

That’s about it. Voila!

Now you can pin this since mine is so cute :).

Have a great weekend!