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DIY: Sunburst Mirror

6 Nov

Well weekends mean one thing in my house; projects!

So last weekend I finally finished a craft that I had seen at Centsationalgirl.com (an amazing read… highly recommend it) Now, usually I like to put my own little spin on stuff, and I did to an extent, but this was so great to begin with, I couldn’t think of a whole lot to change. Ta-da.. my own sunburst mirror!

Here are the materials necessary.

Step 1: Spray paint the hoop and the paint stirrers. You’ll need at least 60. I would recommend you get them little by little so you don’t look weird :). I used Krylon Brushed Metallic indoor spray paint. I was being lazy and honestly didn’t want to brush them all on by hand.

Step 2: While those were drying I took a piece of MDF the man sawed for me in a square of 10″x10″ (or 11″x11″. We can’t remember) and nailed the picture hook on the back.

Step 3: I then took the 8″ round mirror and glued it with hot glue to the other side of the MDF. I then took the hoop and glued it on top of the mirror. (Note: hot glue doesn’t work all that well on plastic. Might want to try Gorilla Glue or some kind of plastic adhesive.

Step 4: After the paint has dried on the sticks, cut with a mitre saw about half of them right at the curved part of the stick (or really whatever length you want).

Step 5: Start gluing!

Step 6: After you get around the bottom, start on the top. (Real tough I know) This layer will cover all the MDF underneath so don’t worry about it.

Step 7: Use an Exacto or small razor and cut off the glue from the mirror.

Step 8: I did use a couple of swipes of the craft paint I bought around the inside of the top sticks to give it a little depth. I think the color may have been too close to make a real difference tho.

But here it is! (Notice the super cute pillow cover I got in Rhodes, Greece? I love it!)

If these instructions aren’t super clear, see how Kate describes it here. (Her pics are much better… as well as the sunny California days in which she takes her pictures. My pics will get better.. the weather here, not so much.)

Enjoy the weekend!