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Monday Munchies: S’more Cupcakes

11 Jun

Happy Monday!

So last week I posted here about my cousin’s shower and the fabulous desserts that my mother and I made. Can’t take full credit for these as I got the idea, she baked them, and I decorated them. It was a real team effort ūüôā

Now, I did this 2 ways; the ones my mom did turned out a little better than me b/c of the topping, but my cakes were a bit better b/c they didn’t collapse in like my mom’s did (it’s because she added marshmallows to the inside when she was baking them and I went for the solid chocolate mix).

Version 1:

First, grind graham crackers and combine with a little melted butter to create the crust of the cupcake. I used a shot glass to really¬† pack it in there. Then I just a regular Devils’ food cake mix box and baked pre instructions on box. Now, the icing was a HUGE pain in the butt¬†to be honest. First I tried just melting marshmallows¬†with some butter on the stove like how you make rice crispies. Fail. It got EVERYWHERE and was sooo¬†messy and sticky. Then I just got annoyed and clumped 5 or so mini marshmallows on top and “glued” them together with some of the melted ‘shmellows, sprinkled with graham crackers. They tasted good, but we wanted to change it up a little bit.

 Version 2:

Version #2

Version #3

 This version was basically the same as above with the crust and the mix, except after you put the batter in the tins, drop a couple of marshmallows in and cook. While I really liked how they turned out, it did make the cupcakes cave in on themselves though. I had to stuff regular marshmallows in there to fill the hole so I could ice it. The icing in this version was the Marshmallow Fluff and regular icing mixed. Then they were topped with graham crumbles, a little piece of Hershey bar, and the little marshmallows that are from the hot coco. Very pretty if you ask me!

¬†If I had one of those soufle torches I would have browned the tops just a little bit…. but since I don’t… I didn’t.Enjoy!!


Party Time! Country Chic Engagement Party

6 Jun

Happy Wednesday! I’ve got a TON of fun projects going on right now (typical) so I’m hoping to use this weekend to get¬†some of them knocked out so I can post!

Anyway,¬†last weekend I hosted, with my mom (and dad), a shower for my cousin that recently got engaged. Typically when our family throws showers it’s a female only, 12-2, chicken salad thing. My cousin is a free spirit and does things by her¬†own book¬†, so I thought up a new idea for our family; engagement party/couples shower. I figured this would be a perfect way to have the family together to get to know her fiance a bit better since we’ve only met him once and to just hang out. So the kiddos stayed home and the big kids came over to my parents for a kind of upscale BBQ.

Here was the invite:

Something you may not know about me is that I love to design invites and announcements. I made this bad boy in PowerPoint believe it or not. I will for sure be posting more about my pretty numerous invites/announcements I’ve made. I got them printed on 100# cardstock at my work’s print shop (I paid out of my pocket of course) that does personal printing too. Printing them cost me a whopping $3.85!! Can’t beat it!

Here’s the menu that we served:

We decided to keep it BBQish since it was Memorial Day weekend and that’s a tradition, but we wanted to make it easier to eat. Plus we had 44 people and wouldn’t have had enough table seats anyway. We also had some fruit and cheese on another counter b/c we ran out of space (we massively over bought).

Food spread (the hot stuff was under the foil to stay warm when I took the pic.)

  • Pulled pork BBQ sliders
  • 2 types of humus – roasted garlic and roasted red pepper from here
  • Variety of raw veggies
  • Fruit (watermelon, strawberries, grapes, blue berries, raspberries, cantaloupe, honey dew melon)
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Cheese (mild cheddar, cheddar jack, and 1 other kind that I’m forgetting) and crackers
  • Potato wedges with Kicked Up Fry Sauce (1 tbs¬†Sriracha¬†sauce, 1 tbs lime juice, 1/2 cup mayo. Add some sour cream or something too b/c it’s like mayo with fire!)¬†and sour cream and chives.

The Desserts¬†(these are just a sneak peak, but I’ll give you the breakdowns soon so come back!):

Strawberry Lemonade, Chocolate S’more, and Pineapple¬†Angel¬†Food¬†Cupcakes

  • Pineapple and angel food cupcake with cool whip frosting
  • Chocolate S’more¬†Cupcake with marshmallow frosting
  • Strawberry Cupcake with Lemonade frosting

    Cupcake “tree” I got a couple of years ago at an antique mall really make the presentation I think ūüôā

The Decor:

You can kind of see the lights on the railing, and the side table. (My big sis is in the yellow and I’m ducking behind her refilling the lemonade :))

  • Lots of black and white plaid (b/c it’s a country fabric but it’s black/white so it’s classy LOL)
  • We used some little white pails and put a variety of wild flowers in them
  • We also used old cans as our votive holders (since it was outside we needed to block the wind) and punched little holes in them and tied strips of fabric around them to give them a little “sas”.

So I tried to get pics of everything, but everyone showed up RIGHT on time so I kind of ran out of time. Anyway, not sure if you can see in this picture of my lovely family, but my mom and dad made these super cute little tables that hung onto the edge of the deck. Then my mom sewed little table cloths that custom fit the tables. Of course we put little lights up too which did make it really cute in the evening.

The Drinks:

Fixings for an Arnold Palmer and John Dailey

  • Ice tea
  • Lemonade
  • Citrus vodka
  • Beer- Bud, Bud light, Bud Select
  • Wine-¬†variety of whites and rose
  • We put a recipe on the table for an Arnold Palmer (tea and lemonade) and a John Daily (the same but +vodka)
  • Fresh mint from my mom’s garden

So you may be wondering what the little comment at the bottom of the invite it? Well I’ve got a fun little gift I’m making for her (note… I said making not made… I just need more hours in the day) since her and her man live out in the big CA and the whole rest of the fam is here. Just want to give her a little bit of us to take with her :).

Anyway, it wasn’t super fancy but it was a really nice time to spend with the family. What other fun themes for showers are there? Please share because I literally host showers every month (doing one this weekend too) and I’m running out of ideas!

Have a good one!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

1 Jan

I¬†like baking, for the most part. I’m probably better at cooking, but I’m trying to learn how to bake. Last year the hubby and I tried this recipie that somone from his work (who is very good at baking) gave to us. Now I will pass on this gem to you to try ūüôā I don’t have the step/step pictures, but as I used a box mix of batter and a roll of cookie dough, I thought I wouldn’t call attention to that fact. Anyway… here are the steps:

  1. Prepare batter as stated on box (or if you want to make it from scratch) and fill cupcake liners with batter. Don’t fill as full as usual. Don’t get the batter mixes with the Jello or pudding b/c the batter doesn’t work as well with the cookie dough.
  2. Drop small balls of cookie dough into the batter. These will sink into the batter as they cook.
  3. Once they cook (around 17-20 mins) let them sit until they cool.
  4. Once they cool, I filled an icing bag with whipped cream cheese icing and rolled them in chopped chocolate chips.

Yummy!! Enjoy!

Cherry Pie Cupcakes

11 Dec

Yes… more cupcakes! I just love trying new recipes, or just making them up along the way. Here’s one I tried over Thanksgiving in lieu of cherry pie:

  1. Prepare batter per instructions on box.
  2. Pour batter into cupcake containers about half way.
  3. Take cherrys¬†and insert into batter. You can either poke them down (like I did) or it may be better if you layered the batter. Make sure some of the dough is touching so they can solidify. If it’s too much cherry filling, the pieces will break apart when they are done cooking. The recipe¬†I found called for black cherries, but I couldn’t find those at the grocery store, so I got the cherry pie filling. I should also note, that I filled these WAY too full. Don’t do that.
  4. Once they have baked and cooled, I took some of the cherry filling and whipped it into the icing to give it a little more cherry flavor. The icing does help hold them together a little bit. The only problem is that it makes it a little runny, so be aware and make sure it stays cool. And then top with a little cherry.


Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

5 Dec

So¬†Thanksgiving, many of us sat down to classic Thanksgiving dinners with family and friends; turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy… and of course pumpkin¬†pie. Now, this year I wanted to mix things up a bit and instead of pies for dessert, so I made cupcakes! So I’ll be sharing the recipes¬†for pumpkin pie cupcakes, cherry pie cupcakes, and apple pie (which I gave the recipe here).

  1. If you ever want to make low fat¬†cupcakes, it is suggested that you use apple sauce instead of oil. Well for these cupcakes, I used about a half a can of pumpkin pie filling instead of the oil. It made the batter heavier, but they turned out pretty even. They also weren’t super pumpkiny… which some people don’t like super strong flavors.¬†I also added a couple pinches of¬†ground¬†nutmeg and cinnamon and mixed.¬†¬†
  2. Then I topped them off with whipped cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with more cinnamon. That was all folks!