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Monday Munchies: True Greek Salad

13 Aug

Happy Monday! I love Greek food, but don’t we all? One of the classics that I love but I have found is usually done incorrectly in the US is the classic Greek salad. While the Greek Salad from Panera is good an all, it’s just not authentic enough for my liking.

What you may not realize is that the climate in Greece doesn’t yield lettuce so the true Greek salad doesn’t even┬áhave much lettuce. In fact, on the islands they rarely get rain and the only reason they can grow tomatoes is because of the moisture that comes off the sea in the morning sticks to the plants and waters them. How crazy is that?! That’s your little “factoid” for the day. While I probably ate one a day for 14 days and they were all different, they had some of the same things on common:
– cucumbers
– tomatoes
– red onions
– kalamata olives
– fresh chunks of feta (think the.more the better)
– olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano

My version of Greek salad.

A real Greek salad from a restaurant in Napflio.

Clearly the real one looks better, but I didn’t do too bad myself. Just a simple, quick, and yummy dish.

Have a great start to your week!