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Coffee Filter Crafts

4 Nov

I don’t drink coffee. I used to like it when I was little with TONS of creamer (the flavored kind) and sugar. Now I just don’t drink it at all. But I have to admit, while putzing around trying to dig up inspiration, these little filters have given me, and lots of others apparently, lots of inspiration. So today I thought I’d post some of the cool things I’ve seen people do with coffee filters (and see if anyone else has any other ideas too!).

Coffee Filter Lamp Shade- I really wish I had somewhere to use this b/c I LOVE it! Check out how Sarah over at Northwest Hospitality did this cute craft.

Coffee Filter Wreath– Designers at Lowes created this little beauty. I think I will make it this year.

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree– I think if I made this I would keep it stark white and use bright green (citrus color) buttons and some silver. More my color palette. But check out the great step by step here Crafts by Amanda.

Okay so apparently that’s all the crafts I’ve found thus far that are post-worthy (since everything else was roses and butterflies).  Any other ideas?