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Milkshake Day~ July 2!

9 Jul

I’m a week late with this posting, but I figured better late than never! July 2nd was Milkshake Day across the world and of course I had to participate (I know… I’m a cheeseball).

Milkshake Day 2012!

What is Milkshake Day you may be asking? Well allow me to explain:

This started a couple of years ago by my cousin Mike after he lost his father, Jim, to a long battle with cancer. What began as a personal memorial to his dad has spread across the world, and I hope it continues to spread! Here’s just a little blip from his website, www.milkshakeday.com.

History: My name is Mike and my Dad fought cancer for almost 4 years before it ultimately took him away from us. For him, it started out as bladder cancer, but due to a few unfortunate turns in the road, it ended up spreading to his upper chest. At that time he was too weak for chemo, so his doctors tried to keep that tumor at bay with radiation, hoping that it would buy him some time. A result of the radiation was a terrible sore throat, so when he was ultimately sent home on hospice, all he really wanted to eat was ice cream and milkshakes – we figured “why not?” at least he was getting some calories! That particular summer was bittersweet, knowing that we were losing him, but the time we spent together was priceless. As part of our routine, we would get in the car and take him to various shops/stores that sold milkshakes and he would rate them in order of his preference. He became a milkshake connoisseur! After he passed away, my family and I wanted to do something annually to celebrate his zest for life, so we came up with Milkshake Day.

My Uncle Jim was an amazing man. I used to spend summers with he and his wife, Jill, and their granddaughter in Wisconsin when I was younger. I got all the ice cream, candy, and spoiling I’d need to last me the whole year until the next time I went! One time we went to eat at our favorite restaurant at the time, Ella’s Delli, and Meg and I couldn’t decide what desert to go with. That’s when Uncle Jim told us to get the 25 scoop one so we wouldn’t have to miss out on anything. The best! Anyway, in honor of him, I thought for today’s post (a week late yes) I would share with you some milkshake recipes that I found that sound amazing.

Chocolate Mug Milkshake by Chef Recipes.Chocolate Mug Milkshake

Banana Pudding Milkshake by A Spicy Perspective 

Banana Milkshake Recipe

Sweet Tarts Milkshake by Real Simple.com.

Pinned Image

For those adult readers, a Boozy Banana Split Shake by She Knows.com


Blackberry Milk Shake from williamsanoma.com

Pinned Image

So while we are too late this year, keep this on your calendar for next year!! What are some other good milkshake recipes you have?

Have a wonderful week!