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Craft Room Makeover

4 Apr

Well I did it, I have completed one of my goals on my Home Goals 2012. I can’t actually believe it. There were quite a few little projects within this one room, but here’s the final project and over the next couple of weeks I’ll be showing the breakdown of the various projects. I have to say I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It’s clean, bright, cheery… inspiring :). What do you think?

Craft Room

I would love to show you “before” photos, but apparently I didn’t take any. Awesome right? Anyway, more pictures.

Re-done chair, fabric holder, and stenciled wall.

DIY Chalkboard paint

Shelving with clear storage bins.

Storage cabinet

Re-purposed filing cabinets

Vintage chandelier

Ignore the closet doors in the background. Those still need to be updated/replaced.

Fabric storage

I’m really excited about showing you all the details in the weeks to come! Have a good rest of your week!


2012 Home Goals

26 Jan

Almost done with the week! Yeah! It’s a time to look ahead to the future! Okay.. that was weird. Anyway…

In addition to getting physically in shape, I want to get this house in shape too. I think we did a lot last year, but I want to really get this place where I want it to be. I feel like if I write it down, I’m more likely to actually do it. So here it is… my 2012 project list:

#1 Update my Craft room/Goose’s Room

When we first moved in, I had this whole plan about how I wanted my craft room to look. And I think it was okay. Yeah.. just okay. But I want more this year. I want this to be an inspiring place where I will… [pause for dramatic effect]… actually do crafts! Right now about 90% of my crafting and decorating is done downstairs in front of the boob tube with the mister. In 2012 I want to keep all the crafting junk out of the basement and in its place upstairs. In order to do that tho I think I need a more inspiring room to work out of. 1 thing I can’t get rid of or the mister will KILL me is the counter top desk. While it wasn’t super expensive (like $120 for the counter and the filing cabinets were free), it was a pain to get it in and installed for some reason. I also want to get rid of the beige walls… yuck.

#2 Finish the Guest Bedroom

I’ve actually made some pretty great progress on this room over the last couple year considering it started with a hodge podge of furniture from college, but unfortunately it’s not done yet. I really want to get it done this year stat. Some basic things like adding artwork, straightening up the desk area, organizing the closet space, getting rid of the extra doors in the room (one of which my wedding dress from almost 3 years ago still hangs… untouched since the wedding.) I’ve got some cool ideas for artwork that I just need to finish.

#3 Backyard Planter Bed

Again, this is another area that we’ve made progress on since we moved into the house, but just haven’t made a whole lot of progress since then. My bulbs that I spent hours planting seem to have disappeared once they got into the ground b/c the never bloom, the mulch has nearly all washed away, and the stone boarder had to be moved to cover a hole that Goose was digging. It needs help. So sad.

Backyard this summer. (It's MUCH worse now... and it wasn't that good then.)

#4 Build/Get a Potting Bench

I like gardening, and it’s something that I do a lot of during the warmer months. The problem is that all my gardening stuff is no longer fitting on the 1 shelf I have in the garage. I think I’d like to put it out back on the patio. The original intention of this space was to make it a little “entertaining space”, but let’s face it, St. Louis has about 2 months out of the year that you can actually entertain outside without freezing or dying of heat stroke and bug bites. So now on to more practical applications.

#5 Update the Kitchen Lighting

Right now I only have one sad little soldier of a lamp in my kitchen. Well… there is one above the stairwell, but that doesn’t really count. I want recessed lightening can lights. Won’t really be happy till I get them. Heads up Mister! You’re going to be the one installing  them.

I’m well aware that I’ll probably do more than these 4, but I thought since some of them had multiple layers (like the craft room), I’d go ahead and start small.

I’m pretty excited!

Hallway Restroom

8 Sep

Well hello there. When we bought this house we loved that the restrooms were nice and that we didn’t have to re-do anything. See? Really not too bad. Not amazing, but definitely not terrible.

Hall bathroom before.

But if you’ve seen my kitchen, then you’d know that beige isn’t really my color. I like more pops of color. I had found this shower curtain at Target and fell in LOVE with it. It’s so feminine and flirty! But since this is the main restroom in our house, I didn’t want it to be too girly so I had to create some balance with feminine vs. masculine. So one Saturday, I got up and got some paint and got going. Now… a lot of people think that dark paint makes a room look smaller. That’s not totally true. With the right lighting, a dark paint will actually highlight all the available spaces in the actual room. (And not to knock any paint vendors, but I used the Behr paint for this and it was kind of like painting with gravy… maybe I got a bad batch) And … drumroll please… here it is!

This tray was originally one of those “sweet” gold ones. A little spray primer and some white paint… and boom! The ring holder is an antique of my grandmother’s that my mom gave me when I got engaged. LOVE it.

I also replaced the regular light fixture for this little gem that I got on Craigslist for $8. Same story as above; spray primer and high gloss white paint, and removed the glass shades. The little glass crystals I got from an estate sale. Not 100% sure if I like them… but they are just chillin for now.

Bathroom Chandy

I love this light. It used to be nasty gold and now it’s just so pur-ty! And I mean… who else has a chandelier in their bathroom? Me… that’s who.

What do you think about the paint?

Cool Blue Kitchen Re-do

3 Sep

The kitchen really is the center of a home. Because of this was the first room that we tackled when we moved into the house. Since the rest of the house was pretty beige, we could stand it a little longer. This tiny kitchen started with a very harsh color; deep, bloody red. And the cabinets were pretty dark as well. Yikes.


Check out those sweet bronze pulls. Nice! It took us a couple of weeks and many, many coats of paint,  but it’s finally how we like it. We knew the first thing that we had to do was lighten up the space. We grabbed the water based primer and the latex paint and got at it. We did 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint to coat these bad boys. We realize now that oil based paint might have worked a bit better/easier, but we really didn’t know at the time.

While I was working so diligently on the cabinets the Mr. was working on painting over that red wall. NOTE: Red takes FOREVER to cover. It is also especially challenging when it’s over a staircase and your hubby has to strategically dangle himself over the 8′ drop. I wouldn’t recommend this. Luckily he’s tall so it wasn’t too bad .


 This is prior to the new appliances (obviously). We tried to prime and paint the old pulls b/c the holes were a weird distance apart (and we didn’t realize this until everything was painted so filling the holes wouldn’t have worked unless we wanted to paint again… no way.) So I managed to snag 20 new pulls from a garage sale up the block for $1 that were the EXACT size we needed in a silver!

And here it is now…..{sigh}… I love it.

Kitchen Today(Sorry the sun went away right as I was taking this picture.)To the left you'll see my pretty china hutch turned pantry. That will be written about later 🙂 Dining area in Kitchen.

The agave painting was a lust that I had seen at World Market for about $130… but I found this little guy at Home Goods on clearance for $50. Yess….. The table and chairs we bought from my sister-in-law. The chairs were off white, but I found this fabric for $7/yard at my local Hobby Lobby (love!) and went to town with my sister and my staple gun (and some wine). I only needed 2 yards. Probably about 40 minutes and presto here they are!
Re-upholstered dining chairs.
We like wine… a lot. So we started gathering some of our corks and I used a Tiramisu container (got from a garage sale) to make a simple and pretty centerpiece for our table. Casual but cute I think. I also use this bowl to hold ornaments or shells or whatever I feel like decorating with at the time.

Wine cork centerpiece

I got these bad boys from World Market (for about $20 a piece I believe) to soften the kitchen and add some texture.
Jute curtains -World Market

So there it is; our pretty little kitchen. Sure there are some things that I’d like to change in there still; like replacing the overhead lighting with a ceiling fan and installing can lighting, but overall I love the space. So don’t be afraid to use bold and dark colors. They can look amazing with the right kind of light and balance in any space.


Front Porch Bench

24 Aug

Happy Wednesday!

My front porch was looking a little bare a couple weeks ago, so I went to my favorite resource for cheap furniture; craigslist! I found this little gem for $40. It was a little smaller than I had anticipated when I got there, but I still really liked it. The shape, lines, and style were all awesome and it ended up being the perfect scale for the porch. It was actually a pretty simple process to achieve.

Step 1: Take a piece of sandpaper and gently sand down any rough edges or parts that may be peeling or chipping.Then wipe down with a damp rag to get all the dust (and bird poo in my case… sick) off.

Step 2: Since this thing was basically all rust, I had to get a special primer (for rusty metal) in order to seal it. I used Rust-Oleum Rusty Metal Primer. Spray her down. Make sure you don’t go too heavy or it’ll drip and leave marks. Wait till it’s dry to the touch.

Step 3: Pick out your favorite color of paint… and go! I use the Lowe’s brand of paint (I think it’s Valspar spray paint, but I honestly can’t remember), but Rust-Oleum works really great as well. I choose something that would really stand out againt our white house; banana yellow! Not sure that it’s the technical name, but that’s what it looks like. And here’s the finished product!

I took this picture before our new windows got put in, but they look really nice and add something to the house! Love um!

I think I need some/a pillow on there on the bench though. What color do you think?