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DIY Picture Frame Thread Holder

28 Mar

So  couple weeks ago I was puttering around on Pinterest looking for ideas for my craft room redo and I saw this:

Found at greylustergirl.blogspot.com

It just so happens that last year I bought 15 vintage wooden picture frames from someone off Craigslist and I hadn’t found a use for all of them, especially not this oddly large round one. So I decided that I must make this thread holder since I would be moving my sewing machine and all my crafting supplies into my craft room. I’ll admit, the hubby did have to help me a little bit with the cutting because I just don’t trust myself with the jigsaw just yet. I’ll get there tho! And here it is!

The fact that mine is yellow is purely coincidence, I swear.  The steps for this project with a frame versus building your own frame, is actually pretty simple. The hubby used some MDF that we had lying around from another project and cut it out to fit inside the back. If we had a material that was a little thinner, I think that’d be a little better b/c this sucker is pretty heavy and the MDF doesn’t keep the paint as well as regular wood. The best part was that the back of the frame is actually a hexagon, and was not even. Kinda funny watching the Mr. try to cut it to fit.

After he got the piece cut to the right size, I got out my ruler and plotted out where the spools would go. I would recommend taking the largest spool you have and use that to measure just in case, or just measure out 1.5 inches. At this point we drilled holes at the marked spots. It is here that I would tell you to adjust something that I did; make your holes slightly angled so the spools aren’t tempted to fall off when the frame is hung on the wall. (Yes… I had to draw 2 sets of lines b/c my measurements were not good. oh well!)

Now attach the frame to the MDF. He just used some regular screws, but again, this can probably be improved upon because I had to then fill the holes. Then I started the prep work. I used some wood filler and went over all the holes from the screws and any other imperfections in the wood that I actually wanted to cover; I kind of like some of the “antique” look of these frames so I didn’t want to change that too much.

Fill holes with wood filler and insert dowels

Cut wooden dowel rods the length of your spools (or longer so you can stack them), put hot glue in the hole and insert the dowel.

Then all I did was prime and paint the entire thing with a bright yellow I got from Lowes. I love the punch of color.

Have a wonderful day!


DIY Mason Jar Pin Cushion

9 Mar

It’s been almost an entire week since I posted last…. I’m sorry. Just been crazy. I actually did have a few minutes to do some crafts on Sunday and here is one of them! Oddly enough I was looking on Pinterest today and I saw my craft! Argh! You mean I’m not as individual as I thought I was? Oh well… here it is anyway: a DIY Mason Jar Pin Cushion!

This craft will take you about 5 minutes so it’s a great one to do when you just want to feel productive. Here’s what you need:

  • batting, hot glue gun, fabric, mason jar
  1. Cut a piece of batting the circumference of the lid.
  2. Cut a piece of fabric out around 1″ wider than the lid
  3. Then make a sandwich: lid, batting, fabric sandwich. (I’m a nerd I know)

Then push your little lid, batting, sandwich through the hoop on the top.  Then take the hot glue gun and glue the extra fabric on the back. NOTE: You will need to trim the batting and the fabric so it closes. You may want to test it to make sure you can close it. I know this b/c mine doesn’t close very well… so learn from my mistakes :).  Sorry it’s so blurry. Not sure what happened.

That’s about it. Voila!

Now you can pin this since mine is so cute :).

Have a great weekend!