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30 Aug

Happy Tuesday!

One of the biggest challenges in designing any great space is the layout. It can be hard to imagine how furniture would look in one spot or what scale you need. That’s why there are website out there to help. When planning our basement, I used Floorplanner.com to figure out how best to layout the space since it was a completely blank canvas. It’s a free website (up to 1 floorplan per valid email address). The really neat thing is that it’s super easy to use and you are able to see your floorplan either as a flat drawing or as a 3D room.

I really liked this program because it gave me (and the Mr. more importantly) the ability to really visualize the space. There are all kinds of furniture, accessories, building options. For anyone that has actually seen my basement (I promise the post about it will be coming at some point!), this looks pretty similar. There are even outdoor options if you are designing an outdoor space. (I will caution; I believe some of the furniture names are in a different language, so just put them into your design to really see what they are. Weird I know. )

So get designing!