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“You boy’s like Mex-i-co?!?”

17 Jul

Okay 2 bonus points if you can name what movie that subject line is from!

I’m soooo happy! Yesterday we booked the hotel and flights for our little fall get-away. I haven’t been on a vacation with more than 2 other people who were not family, so when 2 other couples that we are friends with said they wanted to get away this fall, we of course agreed…. and I can’t wait!

We’re staying here:

Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun All Inclusive, Cancun, Mexico

The  beautiful Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun. While 4 of 6 (and maybe more) of us have been to Mexico already, this place really hit everything we wanted/required in a mini-vacation; short travel time (although our flights home stink with layovers), all-inclusive, beach, pool, swim-up bar, warm, decent price, somewhere we can go out and par-tay in the evenings…. that was about it. We are staying 4 nights too which is the perfect short getaway amount I think. This destination will also give me a good chance to brush up on my Spanish. I have a degree in Spanish, but like many things you don’t use it… the more Tequila it takes to bring it out.

Now I just have to wait…. and get in shape. 🙂




Top 6 Travel Spots

18 Aug

Well hello!

With only a couple of weeks until my big trip, it got me thinking about some of the amazing places I’ve been in my life so far. Although I’m sure this trip will be added to my new top 6 (because 5 just wasn’t enough), but here they are for the time being.

#6 Berlin, Germany

After I finished up with school in Valencia, Spain (below), I had about a month and a half to travel Europe before I went home. I spent 3 nights (I think) in Berlin during this trip. There was something strange and different about that city. Like there was this presence of a city that is trying so hard to cover a dark past. Corny I know, but if you’ve been there I feel like you know what I’m talking about. There were all these beautiful buildings and then when you looked closer you saw bullet holes from WWII. The people were amazing and the entire vibe of the city was really neat. They recognized what happened but were working hard to move on.

#5 Little Spanish Cities Valencia, Ibiza

I studied a semester in Valencia, Spain (top row of pictures). It was by far and away the best time I’ve ever had. The pics I took didn’t even really capture the spirit of the city, but the 6 story flaming paper mache lady (middle top) I think shows it pretty well. It’s the 3rd largest city in Spain and it’s got amazing food, drinks, shopping, and music. I loved it! Ibiza is/was the party capital of the world. It’s an old city built within a fortress that has crystal blue water surrounding it. I was there for 3 days and that was enough.. my liver couldn’t handle any more but you should try :).

#4 Prague, Czech Republic

I was only in this very romantic city for 2 nights, but it was amazing. There isn’t a ton to “do” per-say, but just watch. The river, the people, and enjoy the weather. It’s noted as being one of the most beautiful cities in the world; I think my amateur photos above can show this pretty well.

#3 Breckenridge, CO

My hubby and I got the chance to visit Denver for a wedding in January a couple of years ago. Then a group of 18 of us went to Breckenridge to ski and spend 4 nights. It was a beautiful place. Very peaceful and clean… and we learned how to ski (or fall)! Woo hoo!

#2 New Orleans, LA

Last October the hubby and I decided to treat ourselves to a little trip that we had been wanting to take; New Orleans! What can I say about NOLA that hasn’t been said before. 1. 4 nights is enough! 2. the food is TO DIE FOR, 3. the music and the vibrancy of the city is amazing, 4. did I mention the food is amazing? I didn’t eat one bad meal, 5. it’s a romantic city. Just walking around the French Quarter and even up near Magazine street it’s romantic; peaceful. That was an awesome trip!

#1 Rome, Italy

Rome is by far and away one of my most favorite cities in the world (so far). The history, architecture, the food, the people… bella. It helped too that I was there in late June early July and the weather was amazing. Warm, almost hot in the day, and cool in the evenings with a nice breeze. I was there for 6 nights 7 days during the World Cup in Berlin when Italy was playing. I was there for the night they won and got into the semi finals… whoa. The city went NUTS! It was awesome. This is one of those places that you MUST go before you die. Don’t just eat on the Piazza Navona.. wander down the side streets. The food is more authentic, cheaper, and tastes much better.

As is true with every one of the cities across the world, you taste culture and history through their food, in my limited opinion. As I said above,  the food is best if you go off the beaten path. Find a small little cafe on a back winding alley. Or a pizzeria where the owners come out to say hello and make your pizza in the shape of a heart (that happened in Treviso, outside Venice.. too cute). People are always great when you respect their culture and their city. So go out and enjoy!

Have you been anywhere amazing lately?