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DIY Magnetic Board

15 Jun

It’s Friday! Yeah!! So last weekend I decided that I needed wanted something on my wall in my Craft Room to hold my fabric and paint swatches and whatnot and I saw this clever little idea: to turn a baking sheet, covered it with fabric, and call it a magnetic board. Genius!

So here’s my quick 5 minute craft for you for the weekend:

Supplies: baking sheet, around 1/4 yard of fabric, spray adhesive, nail and hammer, some ribbon

Steps: Use a large nail and hammer to punch hole in the top of the sheet where you’ll hang.

Cut the fabric to fit the back of the baking sheet, spray lightly with spray adhesive (outside b/c it’s pretty stinky), lay fabric over sprayed surface. Wrap the fabric around the other side (this was a little hard b/c I bought a baking sheet with an edge… it was all the $1 store had so I went with it). Use scissors or something sharp to pull thru the previously punched hole.

And here ya go!

Well I like it and think it’s pretty cute. Try it out yourself! Have a great weekend!


Indian Wedding ~Color Inspiration~

21 Dec

Sometimes I think inspiration can be found for decorating even when you’re not looking for it. A couple months ago, I had the chance to attend a very unique and beautiful wedding celebration. My friend, whose family is of Egyptian descent, and her now husband is from Indian descent. Needless to say the wedding was an amazing series of events. She has graciously allowed me to share some pictures I took of their amazing day(s)

Day 2: Indian celebration Modern Art Museum

Day 3: Egyptian/”American” reception the Moulin

These beautiful colors and textures really got me thinking about how to incorporate these colors into your own home. Here are some great ideas that I found poking around:

Designed by Shelly Riehl David

I want this bedroom!! I love the zebra!

Photo by Adeeni Design Group

Photo by Chai Studio

My Space user koolbeans

All these colors make me want to redo my bedroom again!! Hope you enjoyed… and think outside the box when you think about decorating.