Monday Munchies: BBQ Chicken Pizza Part 2

20 Aug

Well hello! I know that I already have one post about this but honestly this one turned out way better than this one. I kind of cheated because I used a pre-made wheat crust, which usually isn’t my style, but whatever. I just bought the off brand wheat crust at Shop ‘n Save for like $3.40 for 2 crusts. Perfect size for the 2 of us. Then I just did the normal stuff:
– cooked the chicken on the stove with BBQ sauce once it had been cooked through.
– sautéed red onions, minced garlic, and mushrooms
– brushed the dough with olive oil and Italian seasoning and garlic salt around the crust. This adds tons of flavor and makes the crust nice and crispy
– brush on the BBQ sauce and layer with chicken, veggies, and mozzarella cheese
– bake per instructions on your package, but mine took about 10 mins at 400 degrees to get the cheese golden brown


I know this is nothing new, but it was so good I wanted to share. Hope you have a wonderful week!



Monday Munchies: True Greek Salad

13 Aug

Happy Monday! I love Greek food, but don’t we all? One of the classics that I love but I have found is usually done incorrectly in the US is the classic Greek salad. While the Greek Salad from Panera is good an all, it’s just not authentic enough for my liking.

What you may not realize is that the climate in Greece doesn’t yield lettuce so the true Greek salad doesn’t even have much lettuce. In fact, on the islands they rarely get rain and the only reason they can grow tomatoes is because of the moisture that comes off the sea in the morning sticks to the plants and waters them. How crazy is that?! That’s your little “factoid” for the day. While I probably ate one a day for 14 days and they were all different, they had some of the same things on common:
– cucumbers
– tomatoes
– red onions
– kalamata olives
– fresh chunks of feta (think the.more the better)
– olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano

My version of Greek salad.

A real Greek salad from a restaurant in Napflio.

Clearly the real one looks better, but I didn’t do too bad myself. Just a simple, quick, and yummy dish.

Have a great start to your week!


DIY Jewelry Storage

9 Aug

I am alive I swear! I have no idea where the time has gone, but I’ve been keeping busy apparently! Anyway, I swear I’ll get better :), so here goes!

I love jewelry. In fact, I vowed to myself that I would buy more jewelry (costume jewelry of course). But since I am increasing my stock, I need more storage. Here’s what I currently have that I love:

Dessert tray turned jewelry holder

I got this bad boy for like $15 a couple of years ago from one of my favorite antique malls. Of course, when I was looking for them it took me weeks to find. Now they are on every regular store shelf. What can I say? I’m a trend setter. 😉 I wasn’t totally sure what kind of storage I wanted, so I had to go get some inspiration. Here are another couple of great ideas that I got some ideas from Pinterest… of course.

  1. Clipboard necklace display- by Dishfunctial Design
  2. Drawer pull storage- by Liz Marie
  3. Lantern-
  4. Driftwood tree holder-
  5. Hanging driftwood- by
  6. Paper towel holder turned jewelry rack- User upload/unknown
  7. Variety of picture frames- by

I was trying to make my holder on a budget (or nothing), so I looked around and found an old frame that I had bought a couple of years ago from I think I got 15 vintage frames, some very large, for $50. Many of them are currently displayed here in my house. So I took one that was a good size, hit it with some peacock-blue spray paint I had lying around (after a couple of layers of spray primer of course). Then I got to thinking about how I was going to attach the jewelry. I’d seen some with screen, some with fabric, some with wire. While I actually have all these things, I decided I wanted a little texture so I got out my handy twine that I used here and here as well.

Since this frame had the original nails still in the back, I just decided to use those. I got out the hot glue gun, put a little bead of glue and wrapped the twine around the nail. Now the hard part….. how to make “rows” or spots for stuff to be hung. This wasn’t the easiest thing ever, but it worked out fine. The wood was so old I couldn’t hammer more nails into the frame, so I just glued straight to the back where necessary.

I decided to keep the lines of twine in more of a random pattern. I just think it makes it look kind of fun. I’m not 100% sold on it or the color as I’m having second thoughts about my new color palate in the bedroom, but for now it works.



Training, Trails, and 86 in July!

28 Jul

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having as good of a day as I am. Today I pulled myself out of bed at 7:45, ate some toast with Apple butter (yummy!) and packed up my bike for a ride. In about one month I’ll be participating in a sprint triathlon on August 26th and my training started a couple weeks ago. Actually training is supposed to be 10 weeks, but even with the couple weeks I have been working out, its going to be crazy hard. I can do this! (that’s been my mantra lately) I found a trail right by my house and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. It’s only 3.3 miles from trailhead to trailhead, but its runs along the Meramec River so the scenery is really nice. I managed to do around 14 miles which really wasn’t so bad since I literally haven’t ridden a bike in 10 years. I remembered why I loved it as a kid though. Brought back some good memories. Please tell me other people used to put baseball cards on their wheels to sound like a motorcycle…. no?


Meramec River Trail map

This was a really fun trail found right at highway 141 and highway 44 in Fenton, Mo in case anyone is interested. I was also pleasantly surprised with the temp today; only up to 86! This is a cool spell for us since its been in the 100’s for the last month and a half. It just feels so nice out! I even washed my car…. A rare occurance for me.

Well I’m off to enjoy the rest of the weekend; some projects, some relaxing, working out with my trainer and Grants Farm with my family. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Have a good one!

Housewarming gift

25 Jul

Recently some good friends of ours bought their first home (if you don’t count the condo that he bought before they got hitched). On Sunday they invited us over for dinner and to discuss our vacation plans. Now, it wasn’t a housewarming party or anything, but I just wanted to bring them a little something.

I saw this idea from and I thought this was a must.

Pinned Image

So I went on up to the $1 store and got collecting some of my favorit thrifty finds for the home.  Here’s what I ended up with:

  • GOOP–> anyone with a father that fixed cars or did any kind of mechanics knows about this stuff. Gets grease and paint off anything. It’s a must!
  • “Increddible Hooks”–> these hooks are amazing! They can support 50 lbs and don’t require you to use a stud finder to hang a picture! Plus the holes they make are really small and easy to patch
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Painters tarp
  • Screw driver
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Felt pads
  • Super glue –> because let’s be real, what can’t super glue fix?
  • Paint brush
  • Corner brush for painting
  • Pre-moistened window wipes
  • “Awesome” cleaner –> this also works on everything…. I mean everything!
  • Bucket to put it all in

I’m all about cute little gifts these days. I’m sure I’ll have more to come!



Monday Munchies: Breakfast for Dinner!

23 Jul

Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? I mean…. it’s one of my favorite meals growing up and I find that I honestly don’t cook it nearly enough. So finally I bucked up and made what I was craving; french toast. Nom nom nom. (that’s my “yummy” food sound in case you were wondering)

 On these little guys I just stuck to the classic preparation for french toast; 1 egg beaten with a little bit of water, 1 tsp of vanilla extract, dusting of cinnamon. Then just a quick 5 mins or so on the pan and yummy french toast! Love it. Here are another couple ideas I found that I really do need to try out soon:

Over at Six Sisters’ Stuff they have around 50 recipes here that all sounded really amazing! For sure check it out.

Pinned Image

Nutella and banana crepes from


Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon from the

 Blueberry Danish Puff from Chef in Training

Pinned Image

Bacon-Cheese Pull Aparts from

Bacon-Cheese Pull-Aparts

 Well that’s all I got for now, but try some of these bad boys out. What is your favorite “breakfast for dinner” meal?


DIY Baby Gifts

18 Jul

Today’s post I feel is appropriate as I hear the flood of people my hubby and I know that are pregnant or just recently had a baby. We’re in our late 20’s, so I guess that’s the time of life when that starts happening for many. There are so many great baby gifts out there for people to buy… trust me every time I walk in a store with baby stuff I want to buy it all because it’s so cute, but I’m a traditional person and I feel like homemade gifts mean something a little extra when you have the time. So when one of my good friends from high school announced that she was pregnant (we knew she’d be first), I had to start thinking about gifts.

So thinking about gifts I naturally starting looking around the web to see what I could do with my somewhat limited sewing ability. You’d be AMAZED at what cool stuff is out there!

I stumbled upon this great posting from Krissy at who listed 30 great DIY baby gifts. Here are a couple of ones that I really liked. I will make these for someone! So cute.

Happy Stacker Baby Rings by

Baby Leggins also by

I also hit Esty and saw some other super cute ideas that you could probably mimic. What did I end up giving her? Why these little guys of course!

and these guys….

Baby “formal” wear

I just had to give her something funny and silly. Here’s a brief tutorial because depending on what kind of transfer paper you buy, the instructions might be different, so be sure to read the instructions.

Supplies needed:

  • iron on transfer paper (for light fabric- $8.99 for 6 sheets) and color printer
  • baby onsies (I bought 3 different sizes; the ones with long sleeve coincide with what size he’ll be with the cold weather… see I’m a thinker.)
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Time and patience

Pre-step: print all of your little pictures. I just pulled mine from some free clip art websites randomly. REMEMBER, you need to print them BACKWARDS so when you iron them on they’ll be facing the right way. I learned this the hard way when I had some super cute sayings printed out and forgot to flip the text. Duh. By the way… how do you do that in MS Word? For some reason I had a total brain fart and couldn’t remember. Cut around your images as close as possible.

Step 1: Be sure to follow package instructions, but usually it’s a higher setting, no steam. Usually you only press for around 20 seconds at a time. Be sure to pay close attention to the edges or any pointy edges. It’s recommended that your shapes be mostly circular without hard points (so yes, stars were a bad choice).

Step 2: After the fabric has been allowed to cool, begin peeling the paper backing from the transfer.

Step 3: Donzo!

Here is a funny feature of one of them that I thought was too funny:

I mean….. that’s just cute. I actually made the transfer for the back on MS PowerPoint with just regular shapes.

I did have some mustaches printed but my stupid printer ran out of black ink… the ONLY color I didn’t buy for this project… grrrrr. For the “formal wear”, I actually just used some of the transfer paper and ironed it on the plaid fabric I had for the shower. They are country folk and we’ve given my friend trouble about how her hubby is a cowboy for years. It’s just funny. After the fabric had cooled, I just free hand cut the bow ties, ties, suspenders, and vest. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

More than anything, it was great seeing her face when she opened them.

There are literally thousands of ideas out there, and I have one other part of the gift that I’m SUPER excited to share with you guys. We’re just finishing up the pictures and I’ll be able to post about it, so stay tuned! Any other great DIY ideas you can share with me?



PS: Sorry this is such a long post!

“You boy’s like Mex-i-co?!?”

17 Jul

Okay 2 bonus points if you can name what movie that subject line is from!

I’m soooo happy! Yesterday we booked the hotel and flights for our little fall get-away. I haven’t been on a vacation with more than 2 other people who were not family, so when 2 other couples that we are friends with said they wanted to get away this fall, we of course agreed…. and I can’t wait!

We’re staying here:

Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun All Inclusive, Cancun, Mexico

The  beautiful Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun. While 4 of 6 (and maybe more) of us have been to Mexico already, this place really hit everything we wanted/required in a mini-vacation; short travel time (although our flights home stink with layovers), all-inclusive, beach, pool, swim-up bar, warm, decent price, somewhere we can go out and par-tay in the evenings…. that was about it. We are staying 4 nights too which is the perfect short getaway amount I think. This destination will also give me a good chance to brush up on my Spanish. I have a degree in Spanish, but like many things you don’t use it… the more Tequila it takes to bring it out.

Now I just have to wait…. and get in shape. 🙂



Monday Munchies: Spicy BBQ Chicken Drummies

16 Jul

Happy Monday! I’m really excited to share this little gem with you all; nothing super fancy but I hadn’t thought about grilling chicken drummies until a friend of mine did it on a camping trip. So yummy! I have to say, these were just as good and not dissappinting for our first attempt. (I say “we” because I’m not usually the grilling guru… that’s for the man of the house ;).) This is a super quick and simple dinner that’s sure to please; plus it helps to keep the heat out of the kitchen on the days that are over 100 outside.

Spicy BBQ Chicken Drummies with pasta


  • frozen drummies
  • Hot or wing sauce

Steps for wings:

  1. Marinade the drummies in hot sauce (we used wing sauce) and fresh ground pepper.
  2. Throw on grill
  3. While cooking, baste with sauce for additional flavor
  4. Cook on medium/low hear for around 10-12 minutes on grill or until no longer pink in the interior

For Pasta:

  • Capers
  • chopped yellow and orange peppers
  • diced red onion
  • diced tomato
  • sun dried tomatos
  • Olive oil
  • Italian seasoning (about a tsp or to season)
  • garlic salt
  • Bow tie pasta


  1. Chop all veggies while water for pasta is boiling
  2. Once noodles are cooked, combine all ingredients and season to taste

So I feel a little dumb for actually telling you guys these steps and ingredients, but I wanted to tell you just in case someone wasn’t sure. What I really liked about this meal was that there was the heat and spice from the wings complimented by the cool and crunchy of the pasta salad. Perfect combo in my mind.

Buen provecho!

Milkshake Day~ July 2!

9 Jul

I’m a week late with this posting, but I figured better late than never! July 2nd was Milkshake Day across the world and of course I had to participate (I know… I’m a cheeseball).

Milkshake Day 2012!

What is Milkshake Day you may be asking? Well allow me to explain:

This started a couple of years ago by my cousin Mike after he lost his father, Jim, to a long battle with cancer. What began as a personal memorial to his dad has spread across the world, and I hope it continues to spread! Here’s just a little blip from his website,

History: My name is Mike and my Dad fought cancer for almost 4 years before it ultimately took him away from us. For him, it started out as bladder cancer, but due to a few unfortunate turns in the road, it ended up spreading to his upper chest. At that time he was too weak for chemo, so his doctors tried to keep that tumor at bay with radiation, hoping that it would buy him some time. A result of the radiation was a terrible sore throat, so when he was ultimately sent home on hospice, all he really wanted to eat was ice cream and milkshakes – we figured “why not?” at least he was getting some calories! That particular summer was bittersweet, knowing that we were losing him, but the time we spent together was priceless. As part of our routine, we would get in the car and take him to various shops/stores that sold milkshakes and he would rate them in order of his preference. He became a milkshake connoisseur! After he passed away, my family and I wanted to do something annually to celebrate his zest for life, so we came up with Milkshake Day.

My Uncle Jim was an amazing man. I used to spend summers with he and his wife, Jill, and their granddaughter in Wisconsin when I was younger. I got all the ice cream, candy, and spoiling I’d need to last me the whole year until the next time I went! One time we went to eat at our favorite restaurant at the time, Ella’s Delli, and Meg and I couldn’t decide what desert to go with. That’s when Uncle Jim told us to get the 25 scoop one so we wouldn’t have to miss out on anything. The best! Anyway, in honor of him, I thought for today’s post (a week late yes) I would share with you some milkshake recipes that I found that sound amazing.

Chocolate Mug Milkshake by Chef Recipes.Chocolate Mug Milkshake

Banana Pudding Milkshake by A Spicy Perspective 

Banana Milkshake Recipe

Sweet Tarts Milkshake by Real

Pinned Image

For those adult readers, a Boozy Banana Split Shake by She


Blackberry Milk Shake from

Pinned Image

So while we are too late this year, keep this on your calendar for next year!! What are some other good milkshake recipes you have?

Have a wonderful week!